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David Mecey



We are very excited to announce our next David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshop experience!


You learn, you light, you shoot!™


Producing a workshop of real substance is a cooperative and complex process when done correctly. Which we at David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshop take very seriously.


As our name implies, our goal is to produce workshops of unparalleled quality and content. To produce a program that accomplishes both a strong teaching environment while combining it with lighting and photographing beautiful models indoor and outdoor.


You learn, you light, you shoot!™


The quality achieved by our students is truly inspiring. David’s workshops are keyed for you the student, not for David’s practice. We teach new techniques and skills to help you leave DMsUPW as a photographer with a new confidence and honed skill set.


You learn, you light, you shoot!™


With every workshop we do, we continue to bring David ever closer to you, nearer a ‘one-to-one’ teaching environment. The cost might be more, but the reward is a much closer bond to David, his instruction, and his associates.


Joining David we have the superb Photoshop skill of Jimmy Beech, whose tutorials on the program are unparalleled, and Tom Ordway, David's 1st Assistant/Digital Tech, a top-of-class graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography. They bring an expertise to the program that is truly mind-boggling, bringing yet another important teaching element to DM'sUPW curriculum.


You learn, you light, you shoot!™


Add top-notch photo assistants for lighting and grip, world-class makeup and hair artists, top wardrobe stylists, models whose beauty and poise are second to none, with select locations used for motion picture, TV, editorial, music videos, commercials, just all manner of photography, DMsUPW leaves nothing on the table for our attendees’ needs.


All lighting equipment is furnished for our students, including all strobe, light modifiers, reflectors, grip and accessory equipment needed to produce amazing photographs. All you need bring are your cameras, laptop and open mind. Thanks go out to our incredible sponsors: Chimera, Dynalite, Sunbounce, Sigma, Lightware, and Samy’s Cameras for providing us with our incredible arsenal of photo equipment.


You learn, you light, you shoot!™


Click Here to Register for these three-day workshops. Remember, space is limited, sign up now to reserve your space!

You learn, you light, you shoot!™

David Mecey’s Ultimate Photo Workshop™

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